Monday, August 17, 2015

By team member Jonathan Yang:

Hello friends and family! We’ve come to the end of our third day in Honduras and the first day of our Medical brigade. We’re tired, smelly, and filled with joy as we’ve had the opportunity to demonstrate Christ’s love to the people of Honduras physically, through medical services, and spiritually as we speak to them and preach of Christ’s love for them through the Gospel. What a privilege it is to be spent and exhausted as we love people and urge them to know the God that made them and loves them. We’ll sleep well tonight!

We began the first day of our brigade by joining with the church and WGO volunteers to pray and worship together, asking God that He would be with us as we sought to serve Him and make Him known. It was so sweet to see brothers in sisters in Christ from different parts of the world coming together, united by our love God and desire for His glory. Afterwards, we split into our various roles and responsibilities, and I had the joy of participating in an evangelism station in the morning and laying down concrete in the afternoon.

After seeing a doctor and receiving medication from our pharmacists, those receiving services were brought to the evangelism station to hear the Gospel. Having received physical care, we urged them to consider their spiritual condition. Apart from faith in Christ, they stood guilty before an absolutely holy and uncompromisingly just God. Even if they were physically well, they were in great, urgent need for the Great Physician.

I first spoke to Ligia, who, like many, thought that she would go to heaven because she wasn’t that bad of a person. With the help of my translator Gabriel, we urged her to consider God’s holiness and the standard that He judges us with. God doesn’t compare us to those who we consider ourselves better than, those who are in prison because of murder or robbery, but He compares us to Himself. In doing so, He examines our hearts, our thoughts, as well as our actions. We told Ligia that if the wages of sin is death, then a lifetime of sin and rebellion against God has earned us wrath and punishment that no amount of good works could ever make up for. Our only hope is that Christ came to live the life we could never live and die the death we deserve to die to pay the punishment of sin on our behalf. He took the punishment of those who trust in Him, and we must turn to Him as our only hope. At the end of our conversation, we asked Ligia why God would allow her into His heaven, and she replied simply, “Because of Christ.” While not every person that we spoke to responded did as Ligia did, we pray and trust that God will use His Gospel to save, and we rejoice that He graciously uses us as instruments in His hand.

Where we had used our hearts and our heads in evangelism, in the afternoon I had the joy of using my hands (and muscles I didn’t know that I had) to serve one of the families that lived near the church. Driving through dirt road and hiking down a path, we came to a small house with two bare rooms of dirt walls and floors. We recognized that we weren’t just doing hard work but performing a labor of love as we provided concrete floors for the grateful and gracious family. While we did our best, our fearless leader Jonathan and his trusty helper Reynaldo patiently taught us while doing most of the real work. With sore arms and wobbly legs, we finished the floors (actually, Jonathan and Reynaldo did…) and then prayed with the family as we departed.

Though spent physically, our hearts are full! We’re ready for a good night’s sleep and day 2 of the brigade!



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