Many of you have asked regarding the “numbers” of our trip. Regarding our team members, there were 84 individuals on our team ranging in age from 16 to 54 with an average age of 24.9. There were one medical doctor, one dentist, three optometrists, two pharmacists, four physician assistants, three registered nurses, one physical therapist, two occupational therapists, and one speech-language pathologist and 38 undergraduate students aspiring towards healthcare careers. During the week we partnered with four local churches.

By God’s grace during our week in Honduras we were able to serve the following numbers of people through various ministries:

–Optometry: 1264

–Dental: 523

–Medical: 2053

–Physical therapy: 100 (approximate)

–Children’s ministry: 749

–Professions of faith (first time): 310

–Recommitments to Christ: 94

–Concrete floors constructed: 8

Total people served: 4619

All praise, worship, thanks, and credit goes to our God the Father and His Son our Lord Jesus Christ. 🙂

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  • 1. Safe travels and physical health so that we are unhindered in ministering to the Hondurans

  • 2. That God would make abundantly clear who He is calling to long-term missions

  • 3. The salvation of the men, women, and children we will share the Gospel with at our medical brigades

  • August 15th (Sat): Depart/Arrive
  • August 16th (Sun): Church
  • August 17th (Mon): Medical Brigade #1
  • August 18th (Tue): Medical Brigade #2
  • August 19th (Wed): Rest Day
  • August 20th (Thu): Medical Brigade #3
  • August 21st (Fri): Medical Brigade #4
  • August 22nd (Sat): Return Home

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