Tuesday, August 18, 2015

By team member Samantha Fong:

Today was our second medical brigade day in Honduras. I am really thankful for the ways God has been showing me that He is providing, protecting, and working in our team and the Hondurans’ lives. I’d like to share about my experience today and how God had answered a prayer request and did much more to amaze me.

Before heading on the trip, I had asked a very good friend of mine to pray this for me and our team: that we would grow in our heart to serve God and be willing to do whatever He may ask of us even if it wasn’t what we had planned. In other words, to be faithful and flexible.

Today, I was assigned to the evangelism station in the morning and concrete assisting in the afternoon. Sharing the Gospel and speaking with several Hondurans was neat because I got to hear where many of them were coming from. Many of them believed in God, and so I tried to asked them more questions about their faith. After lunch, it was time for concrete construction. World Gospel Outreach provides concrete floors for families who have dirt floors in their homes. I was really excited because we were told that the location today would be very adventurous. For those who know me, I enjoy exercise and heard this would be a very intense task so I was definitely looking forward to it. Before we left, Amos had told us that one of the bilingual team members, who was originally assigned to evangelism, switched into our group to help translate. This meant there was an open spot in evangelism and he asked if one of us would be willing to trade and do concrete another time.

My prayer request about having a selfless servant’s heart passed through my mind. But I also really, really wanted to go on this excursion, away from the medical brigade site, and experience what everyone was saying was so great about assisting with concrete. And to be honest, I was pretty tired of talking from being in evangelism. So, I just kept quiet and eventually another team member volunteered.

After this, I grew very disappointed and very distracted. This was an opportunity to share the Gospel and in a sense, I had turned it down. This was also an opportunity to serve where there was a need and to “be flexible,” just as requested in my prayer request. But the moment passed, and I knew that I needed to just continue making the most of the situation I was in.

Assisting with concrete was definitely a humbling experience. You can ask any team member about the adventurous ride to the locations and the amazing strength of the WGO staff member helping us shovel and pave the concrete floors. Many of us have been overwhelmed by the gratefulness that the Hondurans show. After seeing the conditions that many of them live in, we can only imagine what it means to not have a floor that is not bumpy or dusty.

As the day ended, God used this day to prove to me that He does hear our prayers and to teach me two main things:

First, God showed me how much more I could grow in my zeal and passion for the Gospel. God’s saving grace is truly amazing and really should be overflowing with not only gratitude but a desire to be sharing this wonderful truth whenever I get the chance, not just when I feel like it or when I am in comfortable conditions. I asked myself, “Why isn’t my heart more eager to share this message?” God’s undeserving love and mercy is really crazy and though this truth is often spoken, I desire my heart to grow in passion and boldness to share this message as a servant and follower of Christ.

Second, God uses our failures. My team had a time of sharing tonight. As we reflected and shared the highlights, the team member who switched from concrete assisting to evangelism shared about how God had really answered her prayer in growing her in evangelism. She was a little nervous because she didn’t bring all her notes she prepared. She shared how she really had to depend and trust in the Holy Spirit. And after sharing the Gospel and having some spiritual conversations with some people that day, she was more than encouraged in her spiritual walk as well. She felt like the Hondurans had blessed her much more than her serving them in evangelism that day.

Praise God because many people professed Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior these past two days! Thanks so much for your prayers! As you can see, God definitely answers prayers…in many ways that we don’t expect. I hope you can be encouraged to keep sharing the true Gospel message whenever and wherever the opportunity arises!

“…but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8).

Team members Jessica Yu and Sam Fong

Team members Jessica Yu and Sam Fong

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